Why are the gates always closed now?

Falls Creek became a closed campus in 2017. Our desire is to be the best stewards of the resources the Lord has blessed Falls Creek with and that includes gatekeeping for the hundreds of BGCO church-owned properties. Closing the gates allows us to process entries for security purposes in an effort to serve our churches better.

What are the gate hours for each day?

Beginning in August of 2018, the gates will be accessible each day from 6 AM – 12 AM. Between the hours of midnight and 6 AM, the gates will be closed. Please keep in mind that entry to the campus is given via a “call button” located on each of the gate houses. Should no one answer the call button, please contact our caretaker via the phone number also listed at the gate.

How much does it cost to get in the gates at Falls Creek?

The day fee for Falls Creek is $3 per person and is collected at the gate or the Jordan Welcome Center upon your arrival. Additional fees will occur should a guest desire to stay overnight and/or participate in campus activities.

What’s this I’m hearing about background checks?

In order for anyone, who is age 18 or over, and is not classified as a camper, to stay overnight, Falls Creek will require a signed Background Check Compliance Form from the lead sponsor of the church the guest is attending with. Falls Creek will not seek possession of, nor view individual reports, but the compliance form warrants that the checks were run. Falls Creek will honor checks for 18 months from the date of the check.

What if I show up without a background check run?

You will not be allowed to stay overnight.

Is Falls Creek able to perform a background check should an individual forget?

Falls Creek will run a background check on the individual (at the individual’s expense) for $15. This check must be run BEFORE 2 PM on the first day of their planned overnight stay. Checks will not be run after 2 PM and guests arriving before or after this time, but having no check previously run, should have no expectation of accommodation. You will be turned away from staying on grounds until the background check requirement is met.

In the summer months, what does it cost to stay overnight at Falls Creek?

Falls Creek lodging begins at $65 per night, plus sales tax. Guests must also anticipate the overnight fees of $10-16 per night per person for registration. Pricing for children also varies. Don’t forget that adults needing a background check run (prior to 2 PM only) will also incur additional fees. For more information on pricing, call at 580.369.2101.



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  • April 8 - Falls Creek Spring Retreat
  • April 14 - Church Planting Retreat
  • April 20-21 - Women's Retreat
  • April 27-28 - Rewired Men's Conference
  • May 7 - Oklahoma Bible Conference
  • June 4-8 - Falls Creek Week 1
  • June 11-15 - Falls Creek Week 2
  • June 18-22 - Falls Creek Week 3
  • June 25-29 - Falls Creek Week 4
  • July 2-6 - Falls Creek Week 5
  • July 9-13 - Falls Creek Week 6
  • July 16-20 - Falls Creek Week 7
  • July 23-27 - Falls Creek Week 8
  • July 29-2 Indian Falls Creek
  • August 20-22 - Directors of Missions Retreat
  • September 11 - BGCO Board of Directors Meeting
  • September 20 - BGCO Childhood Minister's Retreat
  • October 12-12 - BGCO Marriage Retreat
  • October 19-20 - Fall Back Weekend Student Retreat (Register Here)
  • November 16-17 - Oklahoma Youth Ministry Forum
  • December 5 - Directors of Missions Retreat

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