Fall Back Weekend (2018)

Looking for a mid-semester break for your students? Fall Back Weekend is your best option!

Designed to bring your students back to the hallowed grounds of Falls Creek after the summer season, this 24-hour retreat is will offer them the break they need from their busy fall season. A laid-back schedule and environment offer the perfect chance for students to grow in their understanding of how God is equipping them for their future.

With three powerful teaching sessions, engaging worship and easy-going activities, Falls Creek provides it all so your group can just show up! Registration opens and event details become available each August.

Event Dates: October 19-20, 2018.

Speaker: Brian Mills

Band: Summit OK Collective

Registration Deadline: October 18 @ Midnight

Cost: $20 per person

The Fine Print: Secure your own cabin rental and meal costs!



Thank you for a great 2018 Fall Back weekend.  We hope you are looking forward to next year!