As we all adjust to the many protocols, rules, and suggested guidelines that COVID-19 has brought to us in our everyday life, Falls Creek has also adopted our own suggested guidelines. Our hope is that taking these precautions and encouraging our guests to do the same will prevent an outbreak, and allow us to continue with small events on grounds.

Fall Back was hosted by Falls Creek in October for youth groups on a Friday/Saturday. We had 50+ groups on grounds with no reported outbreaks within those groups in attendance. With preparations before and precautions after, these guidelines will be adopted for another youth ministry event in January: YEC. The Youth Evangelism Conference will be a Sunday/Monday event on MLK Jr. Day weekend.

Below you will find the suggested guidelines. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to develop COVID-19 protocols to implement anytime your cabin has guests.



  • All participants should be free of Covid-19 symptoms for at least 10 days previous to the event.
  • Group leaders should take the temperatures of all participants to ensure no one has a fever before departing for the event.
  • Masks should be worn during all indoor sessions and activities.
  • Masks are encouraged to be worn during transportation to and from the event.
  • Group participation should be limited to 50-75% of the group’s cabin capacity for distancing purposes.
  • Group leaders should ensure the cabin is disinfected before and after the event.
  • Groups will be seated together but distanced from other groups within the tabernacle.
  • All participants should wash their hands frequently throughout the day and social distance when possible.



  • All “indoors” Falls Creek personnel will be wearing masks during their duties.
  • We will provide a controlled entry to limit the possibility of large groups gathering for tabernacle entry. Groups should utilize the following guidelines:
    • All groups should approach the tabernacle in groups and enter together, maintaining distance from other groups.
    • The only entry points will be the north and south entries of the tabernacle.
    • Groups staying in cabin numbers: 100s, 200s, 300s, and 400s
      • Use the south entrance. That is the main entrance with the waterfall lobby.
    • Groups staying in cabin numbers: 600s
      • Use the north entrance.
    • Groups staying in cabin numbers: 500s and 700s
      • Use either entrance.
    • Signage and floor decals for social distancing will be present in the 1917 Café and Gift Shop. Please observe these distances for safety.