Need a cook for your next retreat?

The Conference Centers have a food service team dedicated to making meal planning and cooking easier on retreat leaders. Guests can choose between an economy, standard or deluxe option. All plans include a salad bar, tea and water, as well as optional dessert and coffee add-ons that best fit the needs of the group.

Choices range anywhere from hamburgers and chicken strips to pork carnitas and steak.

“If groups need assistance choosing their meals, we are happy to do that for them,” food services manager Geoff Hughes said.

One recommendation he gives is the jambalaya.

“It is one of the most underrated items on our menu but I’d really encourage people to try it,” Hughes said. “The jambalaya is one of our more difficult dishes as it has to be planned and crafted carefully because it is completed in multiple stages.”

The dish contains chicken, sausage, ham, jasmine rice, bell peppers, onions, celery and seasonings mixed in a tomato base sauce.

“The jambalaya smells so good when we are cooking it,” Hughes said. “Groups often pair it with one of our fish options such as fried catfish, tilapia or cod. The most popular side options for jambalaya are corn, coleslaw and hushpuppies.”

Another food services favorite is chicken enchiladas.

“Our enchiladas are made completely from scratch,” assistant food services manager Jan Shaffer said. “The enchiladas are not just something that we take out of a box and throw in the oven.”

She said the enchiladas are typically paired with refried beans and Mexican rice.
A full list of breakfast, lunch and dinner options and pricing are available on the Falls Creek Conference Center’s website at Retreat organizers wishing to build a meal plan will complete a meal questionnaire and submit it online to booking.

“One of the most important thoughts to keep in mind while building your meal plan is to know the needs and preferences of your guests,” Shaffer said. “For instance, we gladly cater to food allergies. Just include that information on the questionnaire.”

During Falls Creek summer camp, a limited number of students and sponsors are welcome to eat in the cafeteria with the summer staff, but they are unable to choose their own menu.